Am I Ready for This?

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I would never imagined in my younger days that I would be a business owner, let alone of a fabulously built salon. I also would never have thought I would ever write a blog and have absolutely no idea where to start!! I would say that my talkative nature has got me through a ton of situations. Certain situations that have made glorious friendships, gotten me out of sticky situations and realistically aimed me in to the venture I am presently in! As i venture in to the world of ‘Blogging’, the walls I previously built up have now been taken down, eager to win over the hearts of my clients and staff in mind, this blog is for you!


When I was a little girl, I had the dreams most little girls do, a singer, a dentist, my god I even wanted to be a figure skater! As the years passed I changed my dreams to becoming a psychologist or early childhood education teacher. After high school I found myself stuck, not knowing what to do or what I should be doing, I began the ‘career’ of a waitress. For 7 years of waitressing I LOVED my job! Dealing with the public is where I enjoyed spending most of my day. I loved my clients, my coworkers and the tips! What began as just a job after high school, helped mold me in to the person I am today. I am a people person I found out! Tell me your daily events and I will remember to ask you about them the next time you made an appearance! Just don’t ask me what I did yesterday because I have the memory of a goldfish!! Soon after venturing off from waitressing I decided to work with clothes and fashion. Still dealing with people daily, my previous clients followed me wherever I went and even now I still have the privilege to see some of my clients I knew from years ago! As the years passed, I knew i had to figure out what i wanted to do as a career! I couldn’t make a decent living just off of clothing for the rest of my life… I have always been in to fashion and Beauty so when the salon was brought to my attention I thought why not? Just the thought of being a business owner struck me, oh my goodness… am I ready for this??


I did it… I bought a tanning salon! From the moment the papers were signed I was extremely excited! Am I a business owner?? I didn’t go to school, I’ve never owned my own business?! Am I ready for this?? All these thoughts going through my head was overwhelming. I was ready! My parents always taught me growing up that if I wanted it, only I can make it happen! No matter what anyone told you, if you want something bad enough, do it! Let’s be real here, I never finished high school, I graduated from post secondary after taking a dental receptionist course and I wasn’t even working when I decided to buy the salon. Super scary sounding right?? Wrong! I believe that everything happens for a reason. You meet people throughout your life that will help sculpt you and mold you to direct you to the future. My life did exactly that! I was more than ready to build this dream and with the help of family and friends, my dream is in the making! Literally!


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