Finding A Home

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When I purchased the tanning salon, it was located in Surrey, BC and I contemplated situating myself in Surrey so I could keep the business where it was, keep the previous clientele and hope to build some new clients as well. I decided not long after that I would love if my salon could be in Maple Ridge. Being a Maple Ridge native, born and raised, I knew I had to keep myself local. So the search began. My father (who is my partner in crime in all of this) was on the ball, calling our good friend Willard, our real estate agent, to help us find a home for my new baby! We had to find a space large enough to house my four tanning beds, an infrared sauna, spray tan booth, and a section where I could rent the space out for hair. Boy was this a mission. If you’re from the Maple Ridge area than you would understand, it’s not a huge town to say the least but a larger retail space is a seldom find. It took us approximately three months until Willard helped us find the perfect space! As soon as we signed the lease papers and got all of our permits in order, it was time for us to now build a home!


It was early October that my dream started to come to life. Choosing flooring, paint colors, layouts of services, rooms to be built, plumbing, electrical, I could become a trades woman with all the information I learnt! The experience of a lifetime that I would never take back, the endless hours and the aches and pains the mornings after were completely worth it. My father and best friend Parker built me everything I could have ever asked for. I gave them pictures that looked like a 5 year year old drew and they gave me perfection. Late December was when everything was pulling together, I could see the full picture! This image I had in my head and on a coffee stained paper was coming to life!! At this point I start realizing… Omg soon enough these doors would open… I have almost 2000 Sq ft and no staff? Ha! Here we go, together on a journey, this blog is about to show you every step I took to open my baby’s doors!

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