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Our Professional Accupuncture Service

Good health reflects a well-tuned body, mind and soul. Though the body is a true miracle, it is inherently fragile. Just think – zillions of cells die at every moment as a result of natural processes in addition to accidental or pathological causes. Yet most of the time, life goes on without a hitch. Furthermore, a healthy body possess enormous power to heal itself, despite the fact that we are constantly been invaded by pervasive pathogens. Yet at the same time, our bodies are  also quite delicate. Healing is very intricate process, which can be limited or undermined  in subtle ways. Life can be lost rather easily; Without oxygen to the brain, you could become permanently damaged in just a few minutes

Our approach is simple; to restore your body’s health by helping it to heal itself. To do this, it is important to treat the body from a holistic viewpoint. That is , treating the body by focusing on the natural way the body conducts it self. Our therapy is then custom fit to an individual’s unique need, to assist and allow the body’s own wisdom to heal. I choose a wide array of modalities, which include acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, herbal supplement, moxibustion, IR lamps, Tui-Na or simply with a consultation, depending on which is most suitable. It might sound complex, in fact, this approach has proven to be quite effective in achieving the best result in the shortest time. Every body is unique and so is the mind inhabiting it.

These days, for any medical condition, there are many choices and approaches available. Each comes with its unique outcome and consequence. Some of the consequences may be irreversible, such as removal of any organs.  In the end, patient alone is responsible for the consequences. Understand that some surgery is life saving while certain surgery carries heavy consequences and decision should not be made lightly.

Visits are by appointment only.  As such, we can minimize the waiting time for our patients to no more than a few minutes.

Meet The Health Team At Phazes

Seechin Qiao – Natural Healing

Chin’s expertise is Acupuncture, Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine! She loves to help people who suffer from chronic pain and rid you of toxins in your body! Let her help you be pain free and stay healthy! She is also extremely knowledgable with chinese herbs that will help with a great variety of disorders or to strictly help you feel your very best! Become a client to someone who takes their service personally only creating pure relaxation for each and every one of her clients!